Kalen Tok - The Streetwise Adventurer

Main Support Character - Human Cavalryman




You are an orphan abandoned at an early age by parents that perhaps met a tragic end. Perhaps instead they were like many of the namegivers that came to Travar seeking a better life, instead finding only hunger and indifference, making the decision to lessen the mouths they needed to feed. You quickly learned to survive between the twisted wooden plank alleys of Tent City and can now navigate them with ease. Unlike many fated with a life similar to yours you developed a strong work ethic and were imparted a strong moral compass by the residents that assisted you when they could. When any odd job that you happened to be on brought you into the city you always found yourself drawn to entertainers and Troubadours singing songs and telling tales of legendary heroes and their exploits. You would spend the rest of the time afterward imagining yourself far away on great adventures, meeting new people and exploring new locales. For the last several years you devoted all of your determination to initiate into a Discipline. The few Adepts willing to take you on are themselves down on their luck for various reasons, but being choosy was never a trait that you embraced. By being as thrifty as possible, and working tirelessly you have realized your goal. You have found a new friend with the same desire as you, and together you should be able to start a tale that will one day inspire those with little hope like the tales that once inspired you.

Benna Mudfoot – This modestly successful merchant in Tent City is skilled in turning trash into treasure, and has many times sent you into the Eternal Market and the labyrinth of the Tent City Market with scrolls of items in the markets for which he wanted you to count the number that were for sale, and at what prices were being haggled for. He has always had a small army of street kids and vagrants doing this but always said that you were the sharpest of the lot. He scoffs at your desire for adventure, saying you should instead stay with him as a partner now that you are older, however he has always respected your determination and drive and considers you a friend.

Jureah Oathbreaker – This unfortunate former Champion of Travar is the definition of “fallen on hard times”. Once known as Jureah of Hustane. She bears a scar on her forehead that it is said was the result of a wound she received from breaking a blood oath. Whether it is true or not she does not say, but does blame herself for the loss of companions that happened years ago. Now she spends most of her time drinking when not earning a few coppers as hired muscle. In between her dour ale fueled ramblings, you have had the patience to learn the basics of your Discipline from her, and more than a few nuggets of wisdom and knowledge. Her sad tale also has given you some warning that the path of an adventurer is not just one of heroism and valor, but also of sacrifice and loss.

Elemon Matos – The Quartermaster of House Achura took notice of you years ago while you were working for Benna. He was impressed with your patience and studious eye. You have worked side jobs for him bringing messages to and from various inns and tavern houses around the city, some reputable, some not, for at least a year now. He listens vicariously to the tales of your initiation and stories of things you have seen around Travar. He has promised to see if there may be work for Novice Adepts such as yourself when he feels that you are ready.

Kandellion: The Dreaming Wanderer – This ally is one of the other character concepts. You have only recently fell in with this fellow initiate. The bond between you grew quickly as you have similar backgrounds, but your new friend’s tales about the places seen ignite your desire for adventure even more. With your combined knowledge and experience you feel that soon you will be off forging legends of your own.

Yuren and Khalo – This pair of siblings were from the same mean streets as you, and as children you banded together at times for survival. Now they are part of a gang of thieves known as the Slashers, and hold a grudge against you for not aiding them in their past heists.

Kalen Tok - The Streetwise Adventurer

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