Curoli Sunrunner

Questor of Garlen


Non Adept Dwarven Questor of Garlen
DEX: 4 STR: 5 TOU: 6
PER: 5 WIL: 6 CHA: 5


Curoli is usually found in the Sanctum of Garlen overseeing the day to day maintenance of the Sanctum and scribing the tales of other questors and pilgrims to the Sanctum. She is devoted to the cause of ending the corruption that she feels threatens Travar and sponsors ventures into the Badlands to find a way to heal that cursed land. While she does not speak of it, her kin are well connected merchants with ties to Throalic nobility. She never married and is now moving into the phase of life where most women of her age would start welcoming grand children into their lives. She appears much younger with only laugh lines and slight wrinkles by her eyes betraying her age. She also dresses in robes of light fabric with embroidered flowers that accent the sleeves.

Curoli Sunrunner

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