Maralyn Durvalliga

Skygate Watch Commander


Non-adept Troll Guardswoman
DEX: 6 STR: 8 TOU: 7
PER: 6 WIL: 5 CHA: 5


Maralyn is one of the youngest captains in the City Watch of Travar. She commands the late watch for the Skygate entrance to Travar. She has held the position for nearly five years, having rose through the ranks quickly as young woman. She has a penchant for catching folks trying to skirt the taxes and fees that Travar imposes on those passing through it’s gates and has personally led her charges when the Road Wardens need to be supplemented after Throal withdrew their patrols along the trade routes near Travar. She is credited for bravery in the campaign that ended the raids from an Earthbound Troll Moot preying on villages north of the Dragon Mountains. She has not taken a mate, but is known to enjoy time with her peers in the brothels of Travar. SHe is slightly shorter than most trolls, with a broken horn and shortly cropped black hair. Her olive skin is decorated with decorative scar tissue.

Maralyn Durvalliga

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