Oygrin Solityr

Master Scribe and Archivist at the Delver's Athenaeum


7th Circle Human Wizard
DEX: 5 STR: 4 TOU: 5
PER: 7 WIL: 7 CHA: 6


Oygrin is the Master Scribe and Archivist of the Delver’s Athenaeum. His various clerks help maintain the library and offer assistance to those conducting research there. He is a plainly dressed man in his mid 40’s, clean shaven and with short, thinning and greying hair. His eyesight is poor and his belly round from spending so much time at desks, often under the glow of Light Quartzes deep into the night. He is known to be jovial and friendly, but his position keeps him too busy for extended social interactions.

Oygrin Solityr

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