Amuze' - The Champion Aspirant

Core Character - T'Skrang Swordmaster




You are a scion of the great Merchant House Achura, blood related to one of the 5 Cartel families. Your uncle is the head of one of the Families, and your name carries weight in the city of Travar. Mercantile savvy runs in your veins, but the drive for commercial success never interested you the same way it has your siblings. The call of Thystonius has always drowned out the lure of Chorrolis in your heart. It started as a child when your parents took you to your first Founding Tournament. To the rest of your family the spectacle of the Festival of Color, the pomp and revelry, and the limitless opportunities to make deals with potential Magistrates was more enticing then the valor and determination of the Champions competing in the Arena. Your obsession with the Champions and their deeds dogged you throughout your childhood and early adulthood. You lagged behind in your education compared to the others in your family, instead pursuing to become an initiate into the Discipline of an Adept. You were always dreaming of one day becoming a Champion of Travar, and even a Tournament Champion. Eventually your parents realized for you to best serve the family interests was not with ledgers and developing your business sense, but with fostering your desire to take up a Discipline. Unfortunately House Achura has never sponsored a Champion to place one of their own as Magistrate. Fortunately for you, however, when the leadership of the house changes next year there is a lot of talk about reversing this long standing self imposed ban. You are hoping against hope that this will happen, as you are loyal to your House and family, but the desire to have songs sung about your deeds across Barsaive has created a conflict within yourself that would be heartbreaking if you are forced to choose between the two.

Raahl Ghorn – The younger Troll brother to the current head of the house, Bahl. Like you, he has chosen to follow the path of an Adept. He is a novice as well and feels very similar to you. While no one from House Achura has ever attempted to sponsor a Champion to become a Magistrate, his brother took things a step further by banning anyone from the House to do so. Thankfully, his 10 year term is at an end and the next Achura, Everwind Matos, is speaking publicly about ending the ban. Like other initiates into the ways of the Adept within your House, you expend much of your youthful energy at the tavern, Rogal’s Triumph, named after a long shot Troubadour of legend that became Tournament Champion. The tavern does modest business most of the year as it draws many Troubadours and non adept performers enthralling the patrons with tales from Travar and far away lands. Business swells the closer it gets to the Founding Tournament each year, as the tavern is located between the Dragon’s Forge tower and the Arena.

The Dutiful Indentured – This ally is one of the other Character concepts. They are someone that comes from a village indentured to House Achura. They are renowned for providing adepts in service to the House, some whose services in the past has been sold to other merchants to compete as Champions on their behalf. You formed a quick bond while undergoing the initiations into your respective disciplines. Like you, this ally aspires to become a Champion of Travar. Vicene, the Achura Master at Arms, has even noticed that the pair of you have an uncanny synergy.

Rodrimo Valindus – A wealthy merchant prince aspiring to become a Magistrate. His mother’s bitterness at the rise of Achura has poisoned his disposition towards them. There is a long standing claim by Achura that at the start of the scourge, House Valindus sought the downfall of Achura when their fortunes waned. This claim of ancient enmity has been stoked recently due to building contracts lost to Achura to build Halla coaching inns. Valindus claims a heritage that dates back to Talean merchants that came with other Theran provincials and have been supporters of Theran rule in Barsaive.

Amuze' - The Champion Aspirant

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