Aboulia - The Devout Scholar

Core Character - Human Wizard




You grew up in the markets of Travar. Your father was a farmer as a young man. His father and mother learned a lot about the land they were thrust into when they emerged from Travar so many decades ago. Their parents helped found the Village of Krandston. They learned once again to farm the land they settled. Poor land, just east of the Badlands, but fertile enough for livestock and basic crops. Unfortunately it became apparent to the next generation that the Badlands were creeping ever eastward. Horror tainted creatures still roamed the land and blight was becoming more and more common. Your father, along with many others left Krandston to make a life for themselves in Travar. His knowledge of crops and a sharp eye and tongue served him well in the markets, as he started off as a buyer for local merchants. Soon he opened his own stall in the Eternal Market. He still has family in Krandston but few visit now as all of their attention is spent on keeping the place from withering away forever. You received a basic education at your father’s expense but always seemed to be drawn to the Troubadour’s tales of Tournaments past and of the exploits of the Champions that competed in them. Local Questors of Garlen also shaped the way that you viewed the city and the cursed lands that threaten not only your Father’s village, but Travar as well. With the blessing of your Father and some encouragement from the Questors of Garlen you have taken up a Discipline. You have heard of members of the Grim Legion and even Theran sponsored expeditions that have gone into the Badlands to learn more about the tainted corruption that creeps ever closer. You have a strong desire to join them some day, and be one of the heroes that ends the threat of the Badlands once and for all. When not training as an Initiate into your Discipline, you spend time in the Sanctum of Garlen and various libraries researching the Badlands.

Curoli Sunrunner – This Dwarven Questor of Garlen has had the largest impact in your life. She has spoken to the handful of Questors that have made expeditions to the Badlands and lived to return. She also allies with Questors of Lochost in petitioning the end of the slave trade in Travar once and for all. She is outspoken against the corruption and greed that infests the city at every level, saying that it draw the vileness of the Badlands like the loadstone draws the smiths shavings.

Vicene of Tharl – The Master of Arms for the Trading House, Achura. He has been a friend of your father’s for many years. He usually comes to the Market to haggle for uncommon ingredients for his wife’s uncommon tastes. He and your Father have been known to knock a few mugs of ale back while discussing family, politics, and local gossip. He has shown some interest in your progression, even offering you employment with Achura as a Caravan Guard or putting in word to get you into one of Travar’s growing militias.

Oygrin Solityr – The Senior Librarian and Master Scribe and Archivist at the Delver’s Atheneum. The private library in the Western Tower has been a home away from home for you for a long time. You even spent some of your youth as an apprentice there. Oygrin always took a shine to you and now you can make off-hour visits free of charge. If Oygrin happens to be around, though, expect to put in some work assisting him in whatever he may be doing at the time.

Uhlvina Re’ – This Arbiter of Travar, while not someone that directly opposes you, makes things difficult for all that seek change within and without Travar. Uhlvina has served as an Arbiter for 15 years, no small feat considering the terms last three years each. She has confounded merchants, Adepts, and Questors alike with her byzantine interpretations of Travar’s various legal codes. She has amassed a small fortune as well from her position, and has deep connections to powerful people like Niss Reeves and Gaius Silar.

Aboulia - The Devout Scholar

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