Kandellion - The Dreaming Wanderer

Core Character - Elven Weaponsmith




You have grown up along the Serpent River and it’s many tributaries. Your parents both were Adepts that that spent months out of the year off working on the behalf of the various interests of the Throalic Adventuring Guild. While they were forging their own legends, you were raised by their close friend, the T’Skrang Riverboat captain, R’Vahn. The last you seen of your parents, they had heeded the call that many heroes answered to defend Barsaive against the might of the Theran Empire’s attempt to retake the province. They never returned and both you and R’Vahn fear the worst. Several months ago you began to have vivid dreams of places you have never been, and of people that you have never met. The dreams vary, but nearly always end the same. A darkening sky and black flames consuming the places that you see, screams as Namegivers are certainly killed in the thick smoke, as dark figures drag off survivors. You have sought out meaning to your dreams amongst scholars and Questors alike on your voyages, but no answer has satisfied you. The Nethermancer in Syrtis seemed relatively certain that you are neither cursed or marked after an expensive examination. R’Vahn suggested that it may be a calling of sorts. He mentioned that your Mother had similar dreams shortly after she bore you. Feeling that it is time to find out the meaning of your dreams, and perhaps even finding the fate of your parents, you have come to Travar to initiate into a Discipline yourself. While your time in the city has been exciting, as it is truly the most impressive city you have seen outside of Throal, you can feel the desire to strike out once again. Now you need to find like minded Namegivers for which you can join in common purpose and solve the mystery of your dreams.

R’Vahn Senessa – Captain of the Bright Talon, a T’Skrang riverboat that travels between Syrtis, Throal, Urupa, and Travar. R’Vahn is a 4th ranking Noble of the Senessa Nial of House Syrtis. He is a savvy boatman and free trader with a network of friends, allies, and corrupt officials that would make even the Overland Trading Company jealous. He was also a good friend to your parents and has raised you amongst his crew. He is sad to see you leave his care, but promises to seek you out whenever business brings him to Travar.

Ilsynar Songsteel – This Dwarven Weaponsmith is the de facto representative of the people of Tent City to the ruling body of Travar. R’Vahn sent you to him as a Namegiver of good repute and someone that would help. He knows of your dreams, and has taken in interest in helping you. He has a very empathetic understanding about your situation and you feel that you have more in common than just the mutual friendship of R’Vahn Senessa, but he has not disclosed much about himself. You feel there is a heavy burden he carries when you see the sad look in his eyes when you speak about your initiation, as he no longer practices his Discipline.

Maralyn Durvalliga – A city watch commander that watches the Skygate entrance. She has had a “working” relationship with R’Vahn for decades and will allow you passage into the city for free, and allowing any companions that you bring in a discounted entrance toll. It is closer to go through the Thunder Gate from Tent City, but when you are coin shy it is worth the extra time.

Kalen Tok: The Streetwise Adventurer – This ally is one of the other character concepts. The Streetwise Adventurer is a native of Travar, and like you has recently initiated into their discipline. You both hope that the connections that you have will help you join a group of adventurers or to pursue deeds worthy of notice by the wealthy patrons of Travar looking for a potential Champion.

Kandellion - The Dreaming Wanderer

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