Jolon Flamerage - The Dutiful Indentured

Main Support Character




The village elders of Clearwater have always been very clear. The residents and families that live there owe their very existence to House Achura of Travar. Oral tradition and a few remaining documents tell the tale of your people. Originally, your people were from a city that sat on the eastern frontier of the Kingdom of Scavia called Bytha. Bytha controlled an important crossing on the Iontos River and several trade roads that ran through Scavia ended there. The wars that led to the eventual collapse of the Kingdom left Bytha’s importance diminished and population decreased as many of the inhabitants moved to found smaller villages. Several trading houses from Vivaine and Throal still used the old trade road, but as Airship travel became more common, it was a rare occurrence to see caravans. As the coming Scourge approached, it became clear to the people of Bytha that they should construct a citadel upon their ancient city. They had made deals to obtain the Rites of Protection and Passage but were unable to find enough material to complete the construction. Unwilling to let their people be subjected to the Horrors of the coming Scourge, the leaders of Bytha took a desperate deal. House Achura, whom had many dealings with their caravans passing through Bytha, offered them Terms of Indentured Service for a large portion of their people. As “business assets”, the people that were chosen by lot were able to enter Travar before they sealing of the city. After the opening of Travar, the descendants of Bytha extended the terms of the original contract for materials and assistance in establishing a new village, Clearwater, along a tributary of the Byrose. Potential adepts from Clearwater have been sent to Travar to serve Achura and pay down the debt of the village. Though Achura has never sponsored a Champion directly, there have been several Champions from Clearwater whose services were loaned to other merchants interested in becoming Magistrates. Some have even gone on to become Tournament champions, and the acclaim they have earned has turned into coin to pay off the debt to House Achura. You are one of a handful of adepts sent to serve Achura and work towards repaying the great merchant house for saving your ancestors from certain doom so long ago.

Maleen Dosav – Since the Kingdom of Throal has withdrew much of their might back to the Mountain Kingdom, the roads between Travar and the villages supporting their commercial interests have become dangerous. Achura has increased the security protecting thier caravans. Maleen is a guard on one of the caravans that moves along a route that takes them past Clearwater. While not an adept, she is skilled with a crossbow and spear. She befriended you after being impressed by your boldness when you approached her for a dance at a local festival celebrating Floranuus. She was at least a decade your senior and certainly did not seem interested at all in dancing, preferring sit back and sharpen her dagger instead. She has taken in interest in your career, and always makes it a point to seek you out when you have been given free time from Vicene, Achura’s Master at Arms.

Iovar the Untarnished Blade – The last living Adept from Clearwater that became Tournament Champion. Iovar still sends funds from his endorsements and ventures to help pay money that Clearwater owes Achura. Iovar always shows interests in new Adepts from his home village and has been known to drop in occasionally into the training field of Vicene to offer advice and tell tales of Champions past.

Amuze’:The Champion Aspirant – This ally is one of the other character concepts. You formed a fast friendship with this Scion of House Achura. Mercantile politics never interested you, but the rumor that your friend has heard about the great trading house reversing its ban has given you hope that you may be able to represent your village in the Arena like the heroes of Clearwater before you. Vicene has already noted how well you train together and work as a team. Your friend has taken you around Travar, showing you sites that you could still have trouble believing are real. Most importantly, the bond has grown as close as blood, and has replaced the bonds of kin with whom you both have little in common with.

Jolon Flamerage - The Dutiful Indentured

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