Wyngallus "Wings" - The Thrill-Seeking Craftier

Support Character




Every Champion with the proper funding knows that good weapons are important, but the truly successful Champions and their patrons know that style and recognition are equally important. Your family has been crafting custom scabbards and saddles for the Champions of Travar for generations. Like many in your family, you have been apprenticed into the intricacies of embroidering leather and inlaying the exquisite designs that your family are known for. Tomes of designs and technique have been passed from generation to generation, starting with the sealing of Travar at the start of the Scourge. You have the talent, and have picked up a bit of the business sense of your Uncle when heading to the leather markets in search of raw material. Another calling pulls at you as well, the calling of Adventure. You have spent most of your spare coin on secretly initiating into a Discipline, and are eager to test your new abilities, perhaps as a Champion yourself. When you disclosed this desire to your family your parents were outraged. They prayed to Chorrolis to change your mind and rid you of such delusions. Your uncle was softer, laughing at your aspirations but vowing to support you as much as he could as long as you remembered that your family and the business must always come first in your heart, and throwing yourself at danger should be secondary.

Vyndelras Farojyn – Your Uncle and head of the family and it’s crafting enterprises. He sees greatness in you and even though he would rather you devote it towards the family business, he would rather support you than drive you away. While your family is not the most powerful or wealthy, most of those in the city that are have kept you all living comfortably for generations due to demand for the craftsmanship of your wares. Vyndelras has only increased the stature of the products due to his deep understanding of promotion and branding. Many adepts seek him out during the Festival of Colors when they see rival Champion’s weapons sheathed in such exquisite workmanship.

Hella – This servant at the tavern known as Rogal’s Triumph. She has been a staple there serving ale and wine since you and your cousins started frequenting this place after you were old enough to not be turned away at the doors. She is your favorite server there and on the occasions that she has time to sing, everyone stops to listen. Her songs are usually ones that she has picked up from one of the Troubadours that performed there in the past but her voice is unrivaled.

Pratr and Badr – Your cousins, one older, and one younger, and sons to Vyndelras. They have been shadows to you for most of your life, and while the tales of Champions and the Arena excite them as well, their devotion lies with Chorrolis. Trading, crafting, and making coin is in their blood, but they see the potential opportunities a possible Champion from the family can provide.

Arthiha Mydralus – This mean spirited and hard woman is another of your Discipline that initiated at the same time as you. She has joined the ranks of Adepts with the desire to one day become a Champion and reverse the poor fortunes of her family. They were involved in a number of ventures that relied heavily on trade with Jerris and Vivaine, and now those ventures have left them on the brink of ruin. She works very hard while many things come to you so easily. She is never one to shy away at throwing a sharp barb in your direction or to push things a bit too far when training together to prove she is your better.

Wyngallus "Wings" - The Thrill-Seeking Craftier

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