Uhlvina Re'

Arbiter of Travar


Non-adept Dwarven Bureaucrat
DEX: 4 STR: 5 TOU: 5
PER: 7 WIL: 7 CHA: 6


Uhlvina is a classic example of the corruption that exists within Travar. Like Magistrates, Arbiters serve for a term of 3 years and yet she has been appointed over 5 times. Unlike other Arbiters, she never leaves the jurisdiction of the city, even though they are supposed to travel to other villages and areas where the Laws of Travar are practiced. She is quite knowledgeable about the laws and is rumored to have influenced some that now govern certain aspects of trade. She has been married for almost 3 decades and her children are starting to come to age themselves. While she usually is very conservative in her dress and manner, her children are not. They openly flaunt the wealth and influence their mother’s position have gained them. Her two oldest have gained positions as tax collectors on the docks, a privileged position for ones so young.

Uhlvina Re'

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