Places of Interest

The Air Docks – This towering structure that stands across from the Eternal Market near the Skygate is home to the Air Patrol and the Air Wardens. The white wall surrounding the structure depicts marvelous scenes engraved into the white limestone of Air Patrols past. Inside, the dock is in poor repair, being held together with donations from merchants, the meager budget of the Magistrates, and prayers to Garlen. The gleaming red light quartz atop the tower shines at all times, however, and the observation deck near the top gives a clear view of Travar and the surrounding lands for many, many miles.

The Arena – Also known as the Eye of Travar by Air Sailors seeing the city from overhead, this structure is most active during the Founding Tournament each year. Registered Champions can train there year round and occasionally the Arena is used for lesser festivities and mercantile activities. Most of the residents rarely get a glimps inside, but the structure is impressive on the outside, with columns merged with statues of past Champions and Magistrates via elemental magic that decorate the second level of the Arena. All five of the major avenues of the city end at an entrance to the Arena. 

Clearwater – This small village lies in a tributary that flows south of the Byrose. The gentle movement keeps the waters clear most days unless it has rained recently, which then causes the flow to pick up considerably. The tributary is too shallow for large vessels to travel but deep enough for local subsistence fishing. Most of the villagers engage in fishing and trade with surrounding farmsteads. The village itself was founded by Indentured tenants of House Achura. They work towards paying off the debt through trade and as a place of refuge along a trade route that Achuran merchants have blazed towards communities that have started to emerge in the foothills of the Dragon Mountains. A small hostel and stables near the edge of the village, outside the earthen and wooden barricade, gives respite to travelers. Simply called Clearwater Refuge it promises a dry roof and a simple meal for a few silver. The residents of Clearwater do not have a dedicated tavern, but if one asks, there usually someone who has opened their home to their neighbors with some home made brew. Small shrines to Floranuus and Garlen are located in the center of the small village as well.

The Delver's Athenaeum – This library located in the Western Tower along the inner wall is the most accessible and well organized within Travar. It is privately owned but for modest fees all of the resources that it houses are open to any would be explorers. They will also purchase maps and documents recovered from lost Kaers.

The Eternal Market – Located near the Skygate, the Eternal Market started as a modest venture to feed the hundreds of indentured House Achura was responsible for. The area has since grown in size and importance to Travar since the opening of the citadel. The market is covered in decorative gardens that keep the area cool and offers pleasant aromas that mask the usual stench of city life. The stalls are well organized by products and services. The Market is open every day and at all times, even at night.

House Achura Estates – The estates of the families that make up the Trading House Achura surround the Eternal Market. The influential families live in comfort within these walled estates that extend to the northwest of the city and the outer walls. The Avara family keeps a large portion of their estate to the training and housing of adepts and guards for House Achura. A road leads from the ware houses of House Achura to Achura Avenue and out the Achura Avenue Gate. 

Kaer Blackrock - This mining village in the foothills of the Thunder Mountains provides trade to Travar. Blackrock was a Kaer sponsored by House Achura and provided enough wealth to pay off the original contract and establish contracts of trade for years to come. Blackrock's population consists mostly of Dwarves and Humans. A small community of Obsidimen live there as well. The original Kaer exists now as an emergency refuge for when Horror Constructs make their way from the mountains to prey upon the community or for when violent storms arise.

Kaer Hueco - This recently opened Kaer has recently started trade with House Achura and Travar. The trade route that has been established is very new and not well traveled, so only the more daring of the traders make the trek to the foothills of Thunder Mountains. A forest to the south east of the Kaer the locals call the Grimwood has provided Fir and Beech trees used for the construction of a village. Raw minerals, True Earth, and timber are the exports they have sent back to Travar. The community consists of mostly Humans and Dwarves, but there is a small number of Elven and Windling families that joined the Kaer before it closed.

Krandston - This small village west of Travar lies in a small valley being encroached upon by the Badlands. Monstrosities prey upon livestock herds and soil depletion has started making life hard for the villagers. Despite the hardships, wool and mutton from Krandston is prized for the quality.

Rogal's Triumph – This Old City tavern located between the Dragon's Forge Tower and the Arena does modest business throughout the year. It draws merchants and Adepts alike as they usually have Troubadours and entertainers there most nights. The business swells the closer to the Founding Tournament it gets each year. The owner is the descendant of the former Magistrate that sponsored Rogal, a Troubadour that won the tournament a century and a half ago. The tavern is well stocked with various ales and wines, and serves bread and stew for dinner each evening. The stew varies depending on the ingredients they get the best deal on in the local markets.

The Silver Tide – This popular "entertainment" club in the River Divide of Travar is run by a Dwarven woman named Mishka. Her stable of "entertainers" offer a variety of distractions for the laborers that frequent the establishment. It is not known who owns it yet it remains a good place to gather gossip or simply indulge in some of Travar's more liberal sensibilities. 

Tent City – This suburb that stretches from the Thunder Gate to the Docks of Travar along the Byrose River is a chaotic jumble of tents and semi-permanent structures that have sprung up since the decades of Travar's Opening. Various nomadic Human and Lowland Troll tribes make their way there occasionally as well as smaller Ork Scorcher tribes. Markets bustle with the same ferocity as those in the city, but the lack of a serious City Watch presence makes the evenings decidedly more dangerous.

Tower of Commerce – Located near the entrance to the Old Town along the Chorrlis March this is where most of the deals and contracts of business of the city are done. Merchants and traders meet here to trade information, make deals, and entertain propositions for ventures. The tower is also the home to the Synod. The Synod is the loose affiliation of traders and merchants that collect information about Barsaive to protect the interests of Travar.



Places of Interest

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