Teguskgen Moks the Curious Initiate

T'Skrang Thief


The Curious Initiate (SUPPORT CHARACTER)
For you, what lied within the gleaming walls of Travar was as mysterious as the far off halls of the Dwarven Kingdom of Throal or the floating city of V’Strimon. The slat covered alleys mud splattered dwellings of Tent City are as close as you came to the greatness known to be inside of the city walls. Your family came several years before, their village destroyed in the war that raged across Barsaive between the Throal and her allies and Thera and hers. Your father serves as crewman on fishing vessel that travels the Byrose and as far as the Serpent, making enough to support you and your kin amongst other refugees that have made the Tent City their home. Your mother died during the turmoil leaving your older sister in charge of the family. She was always chastising you for your lack of attention to your work and your wistful fantasies about what lied beyond your current lot. As you grew older, you befriended a mischievous T’Skrang named Celeska. She had similar ambitions as you and as you both became older you caught the eye of a local gang of cut purses and confidence artists. You were both cautioned to avoid the city, teeming with the blue and white clad city watch, and focus your efforts upon the transitory populace of Tent City. Success made you both arrogant, and the impetuousness of youth led you both to try your craft within the city walls. Instead of finding an easy mark you both found yourselves arrested. Being that you were so young the Arbiter simply had your families fined, and you were given a year of service to the City Watch where you were to clean stables and wash their soiled laundry. A few months into your sentence you were approached by a mysterious namegiver, a Dwarf of obvious station and wealth, yet was barely acknowledged by the watch. He purchased the remainder of your year of service from the watch and took you to his estate within the inner walls of Old Town. You both started as attendants of his at the Synod, where he would move frequently between the various representatives of the trading houses buying, selling, and subtly stealing the currency of the Synod, information. Before the end of your indenture term with him he took you both into his discipline, seeing in you the potential to be adepts. Several months ago, he disappeared, and you and Celeska have managed his affairs as best that you could, keeping his front as a coin lender up with others of his initiates. A week ago Celeska and you were approached by a hung blond woman with an interesting proposal…

Celeska – This T’Skrang Thief is as true a sister to you as those of your blood. She was with you during your time as simple cut purses in Tent City to your current role as mercenary spies for the various Trading Houses within Travar. She is a true friend and will come to your aid whenever you need and you would do the same.

K’harra – Your oldest sister and head of your family. Your remittances have made the lives of your family much easier, and even though she disapproves of the secrecy in how you come about the coin, she appreciates it all the same. When business brings you to Tent City, you make it a point to see her and the rest of your family. She has started to draw the attraction of those that are drawn to her strength and beauty, so you fear her responsibilities may soon double should she choose to reciprocate the attention.

Cyanna – This young human woman with short blond hair has recently recruited Celeska and yourself into her confidence. She has not divulged too many details, but has told you that your master and herself were involved in a group dedicated to seeking deeper truths about Travar and that they were attacked for this. She believes that your master may be in hiding, but she did see that he was gravely wounded in the attack.


Teguskgen Moks the Curious Initiate

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