R'Vahn Senessa

Captain of the Bright Talon


Seventh Circle T’Skrang Boatman, Third Circle Swordmaster
DEX: 7 STR: 6 TOU: 6
PER: 7 WIL: 6 CHA: 8


R’Vahn is a 4th ranking Noble of the Senessa Nial of House Syrtis. Limited by his birth, he chose to captain a trading vessel for the great House and has made friends and contacts all along the Mighty Serpent River and it’s connecting waterways. His Riverboat is known by the silver filigree adorning the hull. He is less flamboyant than many of his peers, having lost many friends over the years to the war with Thera and the still lurking dangers of horrors preying upon Barsaive. He has bluish scales with a mottling of dark red and piercing ice blue eyes. He favors lighter colors for he and his crew. He is known as a fair captain that is just strict enough in his discipline to keep things running smoothly, but allowing for a higher than average crew morale.

R'Vahn Senessa

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