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Character Creation

One of the most entertaining sessions for any campaign is Session 0, character creation. I have players that probably created 3 characters on their own once I told them I was planning to run but I feel that a good character creation session sets the tone for your players on the themes of the campaign and establishes some of the starting relationships. Character creation has always been a fairly simple affair in Earthdawn, and thankfully they have kept that tradition in the 4th Edition. For this campaign I handled the character creation in "rounds".

In the previous post I mentioned that the I crafted "templates" that I wanted the players to play. I made a decision to give them certain background benefits based on the "template" they chose. More privileged characters born into wealth started with bonus knowledge skill ranks, better gear, and additional starting funds. The less privileged received more general skill ranks to show their more practical upbringing and experience in the world. After they record the bonuses that concludes Round 1.

After they told me what Race and Disciplines they were interested in playing I had them allocate their Attribute Points for round 2. After they had done that we did a quick "Background Scene" that focused on their early life and the defining moment that led them to choose their Discipline (or have it choose them).  

Round 3 was where the players assigned their starting Talent Ranks. During  this round we role played their initiation into their Disciplines and covered how they met some of the Allies and Antagonists. 

The final round had them assign their Skill Ranks. Even though I gave the players bonus ranks to assign, I still stuck to the rule of having no more than 3 ranks at creation. I wanted to ensure that there was some breadth to their abilities as well as depth. After equipping their characters they were ready to step into adventure. 

Next Post: Starting off an adventure for 1st Circle Characters.



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